Peter Widu

“Once we stop surviving we can start living”

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in my humble world wide home. Feel free to make yourself at home. Everything you find here is made with the beauty of your existence in mind. Don’t be shy, throw your feet up and relax, or not. Whatever feels good. Listen, read, share, cry, laugh, … do what your heart tells you to do in this moment but make sure you enjoy life.

Thank you

” Every being comes to this life with an unique essence, an unique purpose, an unique energetic signature: the I AM.”

– Peter Widu –

About me

Being an empath with a innate sense of reality and truth my life hasn’t been easy. I think i was given “the red pill” in the maternity clinic. Trying to be loved in this world I felt lonely most of the time. The constant struggle to fit in drove me to the abyss of depression and insanity. Strong willed as I am, I refused to be pushed over the edge. I started my journey towards integrated consciousness. One by one I peeled of the layers of conditioning and unresolved trauma and slowly emerged Peter Widu, the authentic me. The one who doesn’t need to fit in. The one who is.

Music is finally becoming my signature. The prints are my footprints, the breadcrumbs my contribution and Project Mitosis my legacy. It all is me, creating, sharing and being as a part of an ever expanding universe and its all there for you, to enjoy and to enrich your life.
Isn’t that wonderful?

To everyone here is wish to say: ” Thank you for becoming your authentic self.”

– Peter Widu –

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